Tour of NZ

20120221-165344.jpg We have just touched down in Wellington for Tour of NZ, which starts tomorrow. Team VIS comprises Jo 'PRO' Hogan, Chloe 'New Mother' McConville, Jess 'Pride of the West' Allen, Loren 'I signed with HTC but this is my REAL team' Rowney and myself. We are ably led by Donna 'Supercoach' Rae-Szalinski and Ryan 'Frequent Flyer' Moody who will assume mechanical, myo and platypus-handling duties. We are excited.

The Tour of NZ is a 5 day cultural assimilation program run by the NZ Government in an effort to dissuade Australians from invading NZ shores, claiming local celebrities and racehorses as their own, and beating them at rugby. The race is located in Palmerston North, a town so ill-suited to tourism that its main attraction is a rubbish dump named after John Cleese. Teams spend 5 days trying to get out of Palmerston North, ideally to go somewhere where it does not rain for 300 days of the year. There is also some cycling involved.

I'll try to keep you posted on the stages. Tomorrow's prologue is an 8km TT in the evening.

Ride happy.