Tour of NZ

Just a quickie because bandwidth here is hard to come by (I think the Palmerston North exchange might have taken offence at my earlier post)... We are 3 stages down out of 5 in the Tour of NZ. Team VIS is going well - Jo 'inaugural Jo Hogan Award recipient' Hogan is sitting 10th on GC, Loren 'Honorary Victorian' Rowney is in the green Sprint Classification jersey, and we have won 1 stage (Loren - stage 2 sprint finish) and come 3rd in another (Loren, again in a sprint finish in today's stage 3!). Special mention to Jess 'Jensy' Voigt and Chloe 'Human Boomerang' McConville for UNBELIEVABLE work in the field. And to Donna and Ryan for keeping us fed, watered and running smoothy.

Highlights so far have included the  awarding of the daily Ride Happy bar award by Donna, Loren's stage win after an epic team effort, and the salty treats Donna bought me. My riding has not been one of those highlights. Neither is the weather - wet and windy. Belgies would love it.

We have some exclusive YouTube footage and action photos but the internet is too feeble to upload them now so you'll just have to wait.

Bring on stage 4 tomorrow!