Things that have made me Ride Happy this month

Crikey! It's been a tough month. No, make that a tough year. Being injured, seeing people I love hurt and rider fatalities have made 2011 a toughie. It's made me grateful for a lot of things in life that once I would have overlooked. Here are some gems that have made me smile and ride happy this month:

  • A great Winter ride in the dry, getting my ass kicked on Tour de Burbs (Tues night edition). It was so good to be able to ride pain-free at intensity that I could overlook how much I was getting schooled by everyone else. Now to get some fitness... If you would like to come kick my ass yourself, please come along to the Chandler end of Kew Blvd Tuesday nights @ 7pm.
  • Discovering the joys of toe covers. Warm AND they protect my shiny white shoes. Vanity and utility for only $30.
  • Tour de France highlights! And parties! And live coverage! And tipping! ALL THE TIME! I love July.
  • Finishing my 'Get Massive Month'! I am officially massive. 3x week gym sessions for 6 or 7 weeks with my strength & conditioning coach Harry Brennan @ VIS has been great. Now to consolidate.
  • Getting less hip pain! Woohoo! Not out of the woods but getting there.
  • SNOW! Getting some xc ski action to whip my ass into shape.
  • Some awesome coffees at Bell Jar in Clifton Hill and Giant Steps in Healesville (en route to Lake Mountain). Every time I consider cutting down on caffeine they give me cause to reconsider.
  • Attending a Barrett Consulting business mentoring program @ VIS. Barrett Consulting has teamed with VIS to provide a series of seminars for athletes wanting to start a small business. The first one was last week and it was so inspiring to hear all the ideas from some of the other athletes. Look out, world!
  • Discovering frozen dim sum in my local Asian supermarket. Winner winner, chicken wonton dinner.
  • The iTunes University podcasts. For all you geeks out there.

What are your highlights?