What Would Cipo Do? Bike v Girlfriend

Ride Happy received the following What Would Cipo Do? dilemma via Twitter:
@LJridehappy can you ask Cipo what percentage ratio I should give My GF on the weekend? Am currently giving bike 80% GF 20% seems fair to me
Cipo would never give 20% of his weekend time to a girlfriend. Mostly because it would be hard to decide which girlfriend he would give it to. Also, it would be mathematically impossible to allocate 20% to every girlfriend, even for Cipo.
However, being a fair man, Cipo would probably allow 10% for his wife and 10% to girlfriend #1. His wife would be motorpacing him so that gives him 90% of bike time, plus more if he rides to girlfriend #1's place.
Cipo even makes looking like a tea lady cool

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