The race of truth

I just found out that I came 5th in the TT! Amber Neben (ex world champ) won. It has changed GC a lot. I am now sitting 5th, 6 secs back from Ruth Corset. I'm stoked- it really gives us a huge leg-up for today's stage. The whole team is committed to getting as good a gc result as possible and we are fired up. I've got some great support and a super-lieutenant in the mountains, Alex Carle, and a top crew each with a job to do. Mine is to stay as far up as possible amd out of trouble. Today's stage is 114km from Palmerston North to Masterton.

I didn't mention it before but yesterday's TT was not a smooth affair. Our start times were delayed twice, first by 30 mins ans then by another 15. I almost got jack-knifed by an over-zealous marshall with ambiguous hand signals, then had a citizen driver pull in front of me as i entered the final motorway. By the time I finished it was almost 7pm. It's impossible in an event as big as this for there not to be hiccups, and the organisers for the most past have done a great job. But when the policewoman came into the dining room last night and demanded to see the driver of the ntid vehicle, well, it's easy to lose perspective. Luckily no one went to jail and we are all starting today.