stage 4- time trial

Well, it's late and i'm beat and about to go to bed, but the tt was good. I still haven't seen the results but I felt good and passed 2 ppl (we went in reverse gc order and i was sitting 16th so was near the end). I also had the luxury of having ben and paul follow me in the van, which was awesome. They yelled and tooted and kept me pushing hard. I don't know what gc looks like now but i'm guessing it's been shaken up a bit. The tt was only 11km but it was windy and hilly and there were loads of spots to lose time on.

Now it looks like i may be the protected rider for the team for the rest of the tour, although it'll depend on how alex went today in the tt as she is also riding really strongly. Either way i'll be happy to work for her or her for me, and we have a great team and support crew so we'll be able to race well together.

Tomorrow is 114km- bring it on.