Looking toward stage 3

We've just finished breakfast on day 3 of the tour. I'm getting a new appreciation for exactly what tour de france riders go through for 23 days. The hotel we're in now we have for 2 nights- a real treat after shifting around each night. It's nice to unpack and not have to pack everything up again in the morning. And we're luckily that our stages finish right near our hotels, so we don't have to worry about lengthy transfers between stages. But the hotel food, well, that's another story... But Andy, you'll be chuffed to hear we had sausage surprise last night! Your signature dish has crossed the tasman!!

Today is 87km around Palmerston Nth. Although the long-range weather forecast had looked good, it is now raining quite heavily and doesn't look like letting up in the hour and a half we have before race start. Looks like another wet day. We also have 2 stages today with a TT this afternoon.