getting ready for Stage 2

Stage 2 starts in around 2hrs and just outside our hotel, so i'm taking some time to relax beforehand.

Unlike last year's tour, when we were controversially billeted with local families (I loved it, but that's only because our family was grouse), this year all the teams are staying at the same hotels together. We move around almost every night so after the stage we go straight to the new hotel.

Our team manager Ben Cook and mechanic extraordinaire Paul Larkin are working their butts off to make sure we just need to concentrate on racing. They prep our bikes, get us food, run our ice baths and do our washing. It's a huge luxury to have a support team this good. A big thanks to Tammie Ebert at Australian Sports Commission for making all this possible.

Last night I think everyone found it hard to sleep. A 5.30pm race finish, new hotel and 10am start time today doesn't leave much time for recovery. But it's the same for everyone. Today is 114km with some longer hills. My job is to keep good position at the front of the bunch as we expect a break to go, particularly if the wind picks up.

I'll keep you posted.right now, it's time to put my race numbers on.