My riding happy in Adelaide photos

20110628-060459.jpg I took the chance while I was in Adelaide to find some bike pictures from my childhood. Despite finding everything from my first day of school to my last Magic Cave visit, I couldn't find any of me riding a bike. I put this down to the fact that our family car was a Triumph 2500, which was a great and noble car but also a SEDAN. No chance of fitting two little girls' bikes in on Summer holidays.

So here are 2 pictures I did find. The first is the tricycle pic above, with my sister Cathy, me in the middle and our friend Christie at the helm.

The second (below) is my sister on her tricycle, fending me off.


And this (below) is as close to recumbent cycling as I'll get.


More riding happy in Adelaide

After putting up some of Adelaide Cyclists' photos recently of readers with their first bikes, I really enjoyed going back to the site and seeing what other photos had been put up. I wish I could add some from my childhood but my photos are all in Adelaide too. I'll try to track some down when I'm back there next.
Anyway, here are some more beauties that had been posted. They're named according to the people who sent them in, so some are forum names. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did. If you have any others, I'd love to include them in a future post. Just email them to me at