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Ice bath with a difference

This is a post for Stack and Jonny, who love Bright and who put this idea into my head. Today is my recovery day, which usually means a sleep in, ice bath and coffee time.

I've just checked into Chateau Mock, aka Andrew's parents' place in Porepunkah, near Bright in nth-east Victoria.

When I was in Adelaide over Christmas, Stack and Jonny gave me the idea of going fly-fishing up here without waders so as to get an ice bath effect. I tried it this morning. My fingers froze and I had trouble getting hooks out, but otherwise it was awesome.

Here's a pic of one of our catch. All released to fight another day.

And now I've found a new favourite recovery day activity. Thanks boys!


Lucky dog

Today we met a lucky dog. Lucky Dog's name was Connie and it had escaped from its owners and run onto Heidelberg Road (a major road near our place), where it randomly ran in and out of traffic. Connie took some convincing, but eventually let us pick her up and take her home where we tracked down her owners.

We learned 2 things about spaniels today.

  1. Spaniels are delightful animals but have absolutely no road sense
  2. Luckily, spaniels also seem to have a very short memory and major trauma is no big deal to them. They would probably make good domestiques. 

Make sure you register your pets!!