Cross Vegas, baby!

I'm writing this from the plane en route to Los Angeles. It's around 11am Melbourne time but almost 6pm Californian time, which makes it almost G&T o'clock. It's been a big week, and I've spent most of it looking forward to a complimentary in-flight G&T. The week leading up to an overseas racing trip is always action-packed, not just because of all the bike stuff to sort but also because it's a mission to get work to an acceptable level of chaos before leaving the country. I never forget how lucky I am in weeks like these. One of the reasons why I stepped back from road cycling, apart from pasta fatigue, was its incompatability with my real job; now, thanks to technology and an amazing boss, I can go to World Cups and check in with work between races.  I am travelling with The Amazing Paul, who has worked harder than I have this week, fuelled largely by the promise of burritos and file treads once we hit California. So far this morning T.A.P has managed to talk our way into the Express customs queue, magic 60kg of checked-in luggage into 45kg and have two short macchiatos lined up before I could say 'Tourist Refund Scheme'. 

Our race schedule looks like this:

  • 12 Sept: Sacramento GP, CA
  • 16 Sept: Cross Vegas World Cup, NA
  • 19 Sept: White Park CX, NH
  • 20 Sept: Sucker Brook CX, NH
  • 23 Sept: Midnight Ride of CX, NH
  • 26 & 27 Sept: Gloucester GP, MA

Both Sacramento and Cross Vegas we raced last year, and we're looking forward to coming back. I haven't raced in New England before, so all the races after Vegas will be a new experience. I'll do my best to keep you updated. Drop me a comment if there's anything in particular you'd be interested in hearing about, otherwise it'll be all craft beer and tyre pressure. 

Ride happy (race 'cross)