BASE Camp March 2012

Most of you will know by now that I am a big fan of pilates. I go to Marcus Speed's classes at Perfect Pilates in Brunswick as often as I can (which is never as often as I'd like!) Marcus is a cycling guru and his classes are nice and specific for me... none of that 'saluting the sun' malarkey; it's straight into the hard ab-crackers. This is an unashamed plug for a training camp that Marcus is running in Beechworth, VIC on the March long weekend (10-12 March 2012). Why? Because I like to support the people who support me. And also because I think he would run a kick-ass camp.

Here's the lowdown on BASE Camp: For 3 days you get all the cycling and multisport training you can handle, including... wait for it... a follow vehicle for all your rides! So PRO! More details are below, or you can go to his website.

Want to take your riding to the next level?
Or just feel like a weekend getaway?
Then BASE Camp is for you! 3 days of cycling and multisport training in beautiful Beechworth in north-east Victoria.
All rides have full vehicle and mechanical support, as well as feed stations and hydration.
No traffic lights, no traffic, no hassles!
Your investment is only $275, including breakfast and evening meals!
Accommodation is available from $43 per night, or you can organize your own if you’d prefer.
For more information contact Marcus from Speed Cycling Systems on 0413 579867 or by emailing

And, just so you know, Marcus is a really cool guy. His expertise, energy and optimism has helped me through more than one bad injury patch over the years. If his classes are anything to go by, the camp will be awesome.

Tell him Lisa's Mum sent you...