The roadie project #2: Getting some skills

20111005-040303.jpgThe Roadie Project has begun in earnest. For those not familiar to TRP, it involves taking a road rider, giving them a sh*t-hot mountain bike, and entering them in a 5 day UCI stage race in Malaysia. It's like an extremely inefficient form of Darwinism. If I'm tough enough, I'll survive. So I've got the bike sorted: an Apollo Terra 30, Apollo's top carbon dually for 2012. Unfortunately I now have no excuse for not riding properly. SCODY has very kindly made me some awesome Ride Happy kit (I'll put a pic up here soon). It looks unreal.

And now for some skills. Last week Jess Douglas took me out to the You Yangs for a 1-on-1 skills session. It was awesome. It made me wonder why it had taken me so long to do it. If you want to improve your mtb-ing, particularly if you are a girl, get hold of Jess at

I feel like an underprepared uni student about to sit their exams. I've crammed. I've drunk a lot of coffee. Now I've just got to give it a crack.

Tour of Langkawi mtb stage race: Oct 18-22. Watch this space.