Highlights of Le Tour

 WHAT A TOUR! In no particular order, here are my highlights of the 2011 TdF:

  • The excitement. I wish every year could come down to the wire, preferably with an Aussie in the box seat.
  • Miles Prosser's Le Tipping TDF tipping comp - if you aren't already on board, get in.
  • 'Evans is back in the Schleck sandwich' - Phil Liggett, stage 19 (Alp d'Huez)
  • Contador giving a sandwich of a different kind - punching a spectator dressed as a scientist who was chasing him with a steak during the race (see pic)
  • The Skoda ad. Reminds me that no matter how gentle and genial your team manager might be, put them in a race convoy and they will turn into the devil himself.
  • Twitter updates - getting up and personal with the riders never got so up or personal.
  • The TE Alp d'Huez party - thanks Matt and Kerrie!


Hope you all enjoyed the Tour as much as I did.