What You Wish You'd Worn This Morning

I love Cycling Tips. It's one of my favourite cycling websites. If Wade Wallace weren't such a nice guy, I'd hate him for getting to spend his days doing such cool bikely things. One of my favourite CyclingTips columns is What You Missed This Morning, which shows cycling photos taken from places you'd rather be. It's inspiring, beautiful and envy-mongering, all at the same time.

In the spirit of What You Missed This Morning, Ride Happy is starting a photo column of its own. It's not quite in the same league as the beautiful photography you see on CyclingTips, but hopefully it will make you smile.

What You Wish You'd Worn This Morning is a celebration of the glory of the everyday cyclist. Readers are invited to submit photos showing the best crimes against cycling fashion, the most offensive bike setup and the most outrageously pimped bike. And anything else that gets you smiling. Marks will be awarded for originality, brazenness, and photos taken on Beach Road. Fabulous prizes will be awarded (most likely a Ride Happy t-shirt from our good friends at St Mel).

Our first entry is from @gplama, who has captured a native 'Old Leatherback' in its natural habitat on Richmond Boulevard in Melbourne:

He's also snapped some brilliance here:

And here:

SO GET SNAPPING! If you are stuck for inspiration, you can find some of Lisa's Mum's advice on the subject of cycling fashion here, here and here

PS - While it should be obvious to most of you, this is not an attempt to alienate people who do not wear the right kit or make fun of people who are just enjoying the simple pleasure of riding a bike. It's a celebration of how these people sometimes just have really, really bad judgement.