NEW! Lisa's Mum writes back

This week, Lisa's Mum responds to another reader letter. Keep em coming! You can send them to her secretary at And yes, this is a genuine letter.
Dear Lisa’s MumDo I need a whole new wardrobe now that I’ve purchased a fixie? Is there anything of my old life that I can hold onto?


Budding Funkster

Dear Budding Funkster
Without knowing what your previous wardrobe looks like, I would say probably yes, unless you already own a skateboard helmet and spray-on jeans. I notice that you said ‘purchased’ a fixie, and not ‘built it up at my local bicycle collective using parts scavenged from dumpsters and vintage op shops’. From this I am guessing you will not require a woollen cardigan, playing cards in the spokes or impressive facial hair. Instead, you will need to expand your fedora collection and purchase an iPad, which you can use to upload songs from your latest favourite garage folk-rock band and send them to your sponsored Oxfam goat. If you wear glasses, make sure the frames are thick and square. If you don’t wear glasses, get some aviators. As for things from your old life… hold onto your health insurance.
Love and kisses,
Lisa’s Mum
Another budding funkster