Heading to the Tour of Middle Earth

Chief commissaires Frodo and Gandalf eagerly await our arrival in NZ

Well, it's official. Wendy, my uber-physio at the VIS, has given me clearance to ride for 3 stages of the Tour of NZ next week. Maybe even 4. It's going to be tough with such limited preparation but it's better than sitting on the sidelines being injured. I'm riding with the VIS team led by supercoach Donna Rae-Szalinski. I'm not sure how top secret the line up is but I can tell you that Jo Hogan and Kendelle Hodges are both in good form and raring to go. We fly out on Tuesday.

For updates during the race, follow me @LJridehappy on Twitter. Or wait a week and I'll write something here.

Gollum at race weight