Recovery day

Today was another recovery day, earned only after 4hrs of hill work yesterday. We spent some time in Switzerland during the ride, but to be honest I was eating handlebar behind Marv's scooter at the time so my memories of the country are not rosy. We also did some cool hills work and tomorrow we're going back to one of them and racing up it.

The only riding I did today was to the local cafe for a cappuccino and brioche con miele on the strict advice of VIS coach Scott McGrory (I tried to get a brioche con crema Scott but they didn't have them!). It was awesome.

Some bad news is that Shara is now in plaster after a suspected scaphoid break during our ride yesterday. Hopefully she will be back riding in 10 days. In the meantime she gets to spend the next 10 days doing ergo in the basement in Italy while we go to Spain... without our best climber. Get well soon Shaz.

To cheer Shara up, I have posted some dachshund pictures below. Actually, I just found them then and thought they were funny, but hopefully they will help you get better too Shara. This is what the dachshunds of Milan are wearing this season. Pics taken from Annie's Sweat Shop... Yes, these are genuine hoodies you can buy online for your weiner friend. Have you ever seen a dachshund laugh? Not in these hoodies you haven't.

Velcro is a good substitute for buttons when you don't have opposable thumbs
Even though Harald and Jeremy were a modern couple, it was clear who was the more feminine of the two
Miss Daisy deemed it time for a drive