Tour of Canberra: Stage 2

Bike racing is a sport full of surprises and I got one today! I've lost the yellow jersey, but couldn't have picked a more worthy recipient. Jo Hogan (STILL riding for Prime Estate not VIS, dammit) broke clear and solo'ed her way to a huge victory. She took us all by surprise but wow, what a win. By the time the bunch responded it was too late. Bron and I got clear to chase and Bron pipped me in the sprint for 2nd that went to video.

I had a pretty harrowing afternoon after someone ran into my back wheel and took 4 spokes out. I got a spare and busted a gut getting back to the front group. That's racing- lucky I didn't hit the deck. Then after the race I had an extremely frustrating encounter with ASADA. I am all for drug testing and keeping the sport clean, but to be honest if there are women in Australia cheating with drugs in domestic racing, they would certainly not be making their money back. I'm just feeling sarcastic because it took 3hrs for them to do blood+urine tests and in the middle of a tour it's a long time to be waiting around in the cold. Kevin Rudd, if you are reading this, either lower the number of athletes that have to be tested each event, or increase the funding to make more ASADA officials available to test those athletes.

Tomorrow I have my work cut out if I want that jersey back. But boy, do I want it.