Since I'm home sick today and am mooching around feeling sorry for myself, I thought now would be a good time to write about my upcoming trip o.s. I haven't really spoken about it before, mostly because I've been a bit distracted by life's curveballs lately.

I've been invited to join the national team for 2 months of racing from May - July in Europe. We're going all over- Belgium, Holland, France, Spain and Italy, finishing with the women's giro. I'm super excited. It looks like a lot of the races will be hilly, and the giro is being talked up as the toughest route they've had in years- 10 days of fun and pain.

It's a big honour to be invited and I'm really looking forward to racing with the girls. I have been meaning to take a crash course in italian before I go but it's going to be hard to fit in. (On that note, if anyone has some handy italian phrases they'd like to throw my way, please do so... Particularly 'Hey! Get out of my way!, 'Left!' 'Stop!'... Well, you get the idea.)

Between now and then I have a lot of fun work to do! Mostly hills, and getting used to backing up day after day for the longer tours. The Baw Baw Classic next weekend should be good prep for the cols in Europe. Add to the mix some TE spring classics (any session called The Crucifixion must be good for you, right?) and an in-form Andy, and you have yourself some quality training.

I should also mention at this point my very considerate employers, Freehills, who are bending over backwards to accommodate my bike riding shenanigans. Lawyer-athletes, if you are looking for a supportive work environment, get onto these guys.

I'll be blogging over there and rumour has it that Lisa's Mum may make a guest appearance too, if she can be spared from the SBS commentary booth.

Ok, got to go. I've got to show this lurgy who's boss!